Grace For The Change
October 22, 2007, 9:03 pm
Filed under: Personal

Does change scare anyone? I think for most people it does. At the very least I think that change makes people a little nervous. I am no different than anyone else. Is change easy for me? No, but, I believe that God is sovereign and that He actually likes change. In the Old Testament, God continually brought about change in His chosen people’s (Israel) lives. He continually moved them and moved through them to accomplish His will. In the New Testament Jesus came to abolish the status quo and bring salvation to everyone and wrought change in the religious establishment and the entire world. So one might ask why is it so hard for us to deal with change and why do we fight it most of the time?

I think it so hard for us because we look at change as inconvenience for us and not as a tool for God to accomplish His will. I would be lying to the world if I said that I get this principle and live it out in my life. Change is scary and makes me feel uncomfortable more than I can even describe. But, God does not leave me or anyone else left holding the bag while He allows change to permeate our lives. He gives grace for the change. I know some of you are saying to yourself right now, how “Sunday Schoolish” of an explanation is that? I can only share how God works in my life, so I honestly can tell you that through every time and season of change in my life, God has gotten me through. His grace has covered my life over and over again. Even right now God is speaking grace and peace to my heart even though I am feeling the winds of change.

God is a God of movement and change and I feel like things are kicking into high gear in the ministry that God has called me. C3 Church has been through a lot of change and will continue to change some more to fulfill God’s plan for us. In a previous blog I spoke about feeling uncomfortable and that is one result of change, but it is also a source of coming growth. So what am I trying to say? God gives grace for the change. Change no matter how it comes is never easy but God’s grace is sufficient to get me through. It really is a test of trust. Do you, do I, trust God enough to believe that He gives grace for the change? He’s done it before and He will do it again in my life. Thank you God for giving me GRACE FOR THE CHANGE.


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