Andrea I Love You
October 18, 2007, 8:20 am
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My wife has requested that I don’t blog about what I was going to last night and I promised I wouldn’t so I will just say a few non-blogging things this morning.

Andrea I love you and wish I could insulate you from all the meanness that might ever be directed at you but I can’t. I just hope that my love would be enough to cover any hurt that anyone might ever throw at you.

I love you!


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Thank you honey. I love you too. I would love nothing more than to be able to build relationships with Christ-followers all over. Different churches, different denominations. I would love to encourage and be encouraged in our walk to lead others to the cross. It is what God wants. The outgoing, and friendly side of me wants to be friends with everyone. There is also the side that knows that meaningful friendships are off limits with people who try to tear apart the ministry God has called me to. I would like to not care what people think of me… but sometimes I can’t help but care. I love people… even mean ones. I think there is a side of me that wants to prove that love can really overcome all. It’s just hard when some may not be open to listen to my heart from the get go. I DO NOT want to get caught up in the gossip. I do not have to defend myself to others. I’ll let God do that. It’s just hard to keep my mouth shut sometimes. But I do. I’ll take it because I have God and you to share my innermost thoughts with. I feel as though people may not even realize they are pulling a huge bandage off right where it hurts the most. Even the smallest little comment tears at me. It’s so hard sometimes to feel so weak. I pray God gives me strength to face my days just trying to show his love to the lost and to the believers who may not agree with what I stand for. I hope ultimately people sense my heart no matter where their loyalties lie. I’m so blessed by my friends inside and outside of C3 that continue to encourage me. There are few outside but they know who they are. I’m most blessed by you. I love you.

Comment by Andrea

Thank you Darrell and Andrea for being real and being an encouragement to so many by standing for what you believe in no matter how much it hurts. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Comment by Patio Talk

Thanks Patti,
You and Bill are an encouragement to us as well. It’s the tough times that makes us stronger as you know. You are in our prayers.
Darrell & Andrea

Comment by Darrell

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