Sunday Recap
October 14, 2007, 5:31 pm
Filed under: Church

What an amazing day we have had here at C3 Church. I must say the band was incredible. Who would have known that my young friend Scott (Bass Guitarist) could belt out the tune “Dirty Little Secret”. Scott you are a true rocker, in fact I think you have some groupies.

The most important thing though, was that God touched a lot of lives this morning. I know we had quite a number of first time guests (Travis was on the phone for quite a while immediately after the service talking to them all.). Just like the Pastor said, all of us have some dirty little secrets and we can not go back in time and change what has been done but with God’s grace we can move forward and do our best not to make the same mistakes. For those of you that were at C3 this morning remember your P.I.P insurance. Pastor Byron gave some good practical advice for playing the head games and overcoming temptation.

All praise be to the Lord for the way that He moved this morning and for all of the changed lives. This is what it’s all about C3. Pointing people to Jesus and seeing the life change that takes place when we do!

Love wins!


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