I Can’t Believe A Church Would Talk About This!
October 10, 2007, 7:54 am
Filed under: Church

I am so excited about the new series, “Dirty Little Secrets”, that Pastor Byron will be preaching starting this Sunday. I believe that we have the opportunity to connect more people to Christ than we have ever had. The subject matter discussed in this series is so often just overlooked by church traditionalists. The Bible speaks directly to the subject matter that we are going to look at and the church has been silent for the most part but C3 is not afraid of tackling tough subjects that the Word of God has addressed. C3 Church will be culturally relevant to reach the people in this culture for Christ.

I am so pumped because the music on Sunday is just going to be kickin’. In fact the band will be playing and singing an “All American Rejects” song in the service (I bet you can’t figure out which song that might be). 🙂

Our prayer for this Sunday just like every Sunday is that God will change lives. We have been so blessed to see so many lives changed every Sunday. I really did not realize God could do so many miracles in peoples’ lives on such a regular basis. I guess that just goes to prove that when you don’t try to put God in a box, step out of your comfort zone and actually live the Great Commission instead of focusing on a “Christian Club”, God will show up and change lives every service. I know God will show up again this Sunday! Church on the edge, church for the unchurched, a church on fire. God deserves all the glory and praise. He has done it all and I am thankful I can be a small part of it.

Get ready for God to move as we look at our “Dirty Little Secrets”!


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