October 10, 2007, 1:15 pm
Filed under: Church, Connections

As the new Connections Pastor at C3 Church I am just starting to get my feet wet in this new arena of ministry. I have started reading a book entitled “First Impressions: Creating Wow Experiences In Your Church”. This book is authored by Mark L. Waltz who is the Connections Pastor at Granger Community Church. Let me just say that the book is already kicking my tail, especially in the way that I look and perceive first time guests. Let me give you a few quotes,

“I suggest we remember that our seeking friends (first time guests) are also consumers. I know that such a label may seem too marketplace-oriented. Perhaps it sounds shallow, if not hollow, but it is honest. Those who seek-who decide to “try church again,” to explore the claims of Christ in relationship to their lives-are “shopping” for a church. More important, they are shopping for a spiritual experience that addresses their personal needs. I propose we meet them right where they are: at our doors, shopping for help in life, full of expectations, hoping someone will care for them.”

“The people who come through your doors on the weekend are initially making decisions as consumers. Whether they return rests on their entire experience on your campus. They leave asking the same questions they ask of businesses throughout their week: “Was this worth my time? Do people care about me? Am I valued here?”

I think that we need to change our perspective to realize that everyone walking through our doors is a consumer looking for the answers they need in life. The thing that people or consumers want the most is to know that they are valued. We have the best product in the world, we have Christ to offer them. It’s time to have the best customer service to compliment the best product. C3, let’s show people they matter and are valued. When we see new faces in this place during our New Series, “Dirty Little Secrets” let’s provide the best customer service possible, show them love, show them that we care. Even if it is just a friendly smile and a hearty “good morning”. It’s all about others at C3, not about ourselves. We only have one chance to “wow” them so they will come back. And as Angie Bledsoe states all the time, “love wins”. Love is the “wow” factor in our arsenal of customer service.


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