October 4, 2007, 9:51 am
Filed under: Personal, Pop Culture

Yes, I know it’s almost been a week since I have posted any blogs but I really have not felt like blogging this week. After doing four blogs in one week I think I burned myself out a little. So, to get back in the whole blogging mode I think I will just do some lighter thoughts for everyone to ponder.

Yesterday evening I scared my poor mother to death. I was cut off intentionally by a big Infiniti QX 56. This made me pretty upset and I then laid on the horn for quite a long time (on a couple of occasions while following this QX down the 408). Needless to say my mom was a little scared and I was quite angry. I know, I know it probably was not the best representation of Christ. We all have less than stellar representations of Christ at one time or another. I am just glad God’s grace covered and protected me as I was “out of my mind” last night.

I am so tired of fantasy football projections. The experts are nothing but crystal ball reading, pathetic soothsayers that can not project the future. Why do we listen to them?

I am thankful for great friends. I had an old (years I have known this person, not age) friend who is very near and dear to Andrea and I that discovered my blog yesterday. This person read my “Ten Lessons” blog and called just to tell me that I have friends that are loyal. This conversation with this person was encouraging and uplifting. Too bad my friend and their spouse do not live closer so we could see them more often.

What is it with people that they can not come up with anything original to do or say?
Just a bunch of copy cats. Just food for thought.

Oh well just a few ramblings from me this morning so that I can actually say that I have blogged.

Have a great and blessed day.

See Ya! 🙂


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Dude – 4 blogs in one week! Call 911. If you’d like to sign-up for my “Increase Your Blog Stamina” seminar, I’m offering a 50% discount for curly-haired worship leaders.

Comment by Barry Leathers

What are you trying to say? I think this is a case of ageism and you can go to jail for that. I might not be young, blond and skinny like you but this old man can keep up with your blogging skills. If you don’t believe me I can give you a gift basket! 🙂 (you’ll get this if you watched the office)

Comment by Darrell

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