September 26, 2007, 1:06 pm
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I would argue with anyone that a person bases 99.9% of their decisions on personal preference. You buy a Big Mac because YOU like them. You purchase a Honda Accord because YOU like the way it drives and its reliability. You buy those shoes because YOU like the way they look on you. You vote Republican because YOU like what the party stands for. You live in a Orlando because YOU love the weather (It can’t be the traffic). Do you get my point yet? Almost always (yes, I am talking about myself too)we make our decisions based on what “I want”, what “I like”, what benefits “ME” so on and so forth. Just take a minute and think. What if for once you based a decision on not what “I want”, or about “ME” and focused on others.

That leads me into our decisions about church. Just follow with me through a hypothetical. What if you were to choose a church based not on what YOU wanted out of it or what YOU liked about it or because of what the church could do for ME? What if you were not the big fish in the pond or the mover and shaker or the person in control of the choosing the paint color? What if YOU had no influence at all? What if you based your decision on what church you attend with the only criteria being “what is the church doing to reach those that don’t know about church or God”? What if you took “ME” out of the equation. Would you be at the church you are at? Maybe you would or maybe not but if you were to get honest and took all of your preferences out of the equation would you go where you are going? Don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying that my church, C3 Church, has it all down and is a perfect church. On the contrary, C3 Church is not perfect we get some things right and some things we don’t, but are we trying our best to reach un-saved, un-churched people? Unequivocally, YES! There is not a single perfect church and there will never be a perfect church because churches are made up of humans and none of us are perfect. I can say with all sincerity that we are doing our best to reach others. Other people that know nothing about church or God. Do you love your church because of what it does for YOU or do you love your church because it is not about YOU?


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How true. It is in our nature to put ourselves first, but God calls us to step out beyond ourselves and to serve him and his purpose. It is not something that comes naturally, at least not for me, but the rewards are well worth the sacrifice. Keep on putting God’s purpose first and I know the blessings will follow.

Comment by Blaine Back

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