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September 10, 2007, 9:23 am
Filed under: Cars, Politics, Pop Culture, Sports

I feel like doing some light blogging this morning. Talking about stuff of no real meaning or significance. Let me just say, that before Barry Leathers talks about MTV’s VMAs last night I will beat him to the punch. Brittney Spears is a total train wreck. I have never seen a poorer lip sync in my life and she needed five times the amount of clothing that she had on. Needless to say after seeing about a minute of her pathetic come back I rolled over and proceeded to try to get some sleep. MTV is a joke and what they produce now is sad. I agree with Justin Timberlake, what has happened to actually showing videos? After all doesn’t MTV stand for “MUSIC TELEVISION”? I don’t think that “The Hills” or “The Real World” or any of their reality TV shows count as music videos?

Number two on my meaningless blogging points this morning. I am glad Fred Thompson has entered the race for President in 08. It would be nice to have another conservative actor in the White House. The last time that happened it was Ronald Reagan. I still look back fondly on those years when I was first becoming politically aware. I know, I know, this now reveals my political bent but who cares? Go Fred!

Number three on my meaningless blogging points. I am glad Apple is giving me back a hundred dollars in store credit for buying my iPhone when they first came out. Although if they didn’t I wouldn’t be too upset. After all isn’t that the price you pay for purchasing the latest technology first? It always comes down in price. Does anyone complain that you can get a DVD player now for twenty bucks when five years ago they were three hundred dollars?

Number four on my meaningless blogging points. NFL football is back and did I even get to watch any games? Just one and it was on Thursday night. But I must say I am proud of my Denver Broncos for pulling it out in the last second of the game and scored one in the “W” column. My fantasy football teams will probably be just as pathetic as last year but it is fun none the less. Go Broncos and welcome back to the fall football season.

Number five and finally for my meaningless blogging points. Congrats to Travis and Sandy for their new SUV. I have always been and will always be a car enthusiast. I love seeing new vehicles and taking in that smell and seeing all the new features and the latest in vehicle technology. Oh yea, congrats to Matt and Monica in their purchase of a new SUV as well. You all made great choices and I hope that your new vehicles will make the drive home in East Orlando traffic just a little more enjoyable. After all, how many hours do people that live in Orlando spend in their cars? Just think about it. You might as well make the commute as pleasant as possible.

Thanks for reading my meaningless blogging points today. I feel refreshed and ready to face the serious stuff now. Just consider today’s blog as “Blogging Light”.


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Hey Bro,
Just a couple of thoughts:
1. I was really impressed with Denvers tough play against the “Powerhouse” Bills…
2. MTV – you’re almost 40 Bro…

Comment by Byron Bledsoe

OK Bro,
Don’t be a “hater”. Your Cowboys have only won 1 game, “it ain’t the superbowl”.
Secondly, I know you watch MTV, didn’t you say that Spencer was your favorite reality show celebrity.

Comment by Darrell

Hey now! Back off D’Lo! My man just loves to watch how pathetic Spencer is…he reminds us of someone we used to know. Plus, Byron might start being an MTV hater when he’s really old like you! Peace.

Comment by Angie Bledsoe

OK, I am not going to discuss ages but I will say this. I might be ONE year older but I must say I look younger! And what about respecting your elders? Remember, I did not draw first blood. Love you guys, it’s been fun sparing with you. Who would have thought that such a light hearted blog would cause such a fun stir!

Comment by Darrell

Dude, thanks for the congrats. You are definitely my inspiration when it comes to cars. Man, I hate when I fall behind on reading blogs, it looks like I missed a good sparing match.

Comment by Travis

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