What A Week!
September 6, 2007, 1:44 pm
Filed under: Church, Personal

I know, I haven’t blogged since Saturday. I might be thinking too highly of myself to think that anyone cares that I haven’t blogged, but that’s beside the point. It has been a busy week for me. I am thankful that my mother came through some minor outpatient surgery yesterday just fine. I am also thankful that I am able to get what needs to be done for Sunday marked off of my to do list. It has been one of those back and forth and no time to sit and think, just time to run and do (if you know what I mean) sort of weeks. It has also been a week like Barry Leathers talked about in his blog, a week for decisions to be made and be made quickly. Sometimes it seems as if your head will fall off but at the same time you trust that with the help of the Lord, you make the right decisions and He will get you where you need to be and where you are wanting to go.

It’s been so busy in fact, I am just now eating lunch and it is 4:45pm. Busy is OK especially when the work that you are doing is making a difference in people’s lives. Everything we do here at C3 is about connecting people to Christ. If that means I must eat, sleep and breathe C3 that’s great. The time is too valuable to waste away and not give it our best to reach people. So let the late lunches, the multiple decisions, the head spins, the sleepless nights and all the criticism that anyone might ever throw at us fly. Lives are too valuable to worry about that stuff and I know God has not called us to a work He won’t equip us to accomplish. It’s stressful and tough but I would not have it any other way. What is left to say? I have had hardly any time to blog or any time to collect my thoughts to blog. It’s been busy. What a week!


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Sorry, D’lo! Forgive us for tying you up – Ditto on all the other stuff too! Peace out.

Comment by Angie Bledsoe

Y’all didn’t hold me up. I’m so good I can multi-task. You guys are not a distraction, y’all are friends. There is always time for family & friends. And, if I don’t get everything done I can just blame my boss. 🙂

Comment by Darrell

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