Market Share
September 1, 2007, 1:33 pm
Filed under: Church

I took my beautiful wife to work today and I was amazed at what I saw. If you don’t know, my wife works at Bloomingdale’s at the Mall at Millenia. Right behind Bloomingdale’s is probably the biggest single store I have ever seen. This store is finally painted and almost ready to be filled with merchandise for thousands of customers that will walk through its doors. It is the new IKEA . It is the single largest home furnishing store IKEA has ever built in the US. IKEA is a home furnishing company from Denmark that is a global company. Their furniture, fixtures and accessories are contemporary and cheap (economical). The only catch is that you have to put the stuff together, but it’s worth saving money. This is a new concept in furniture and home design sales here in the US. IKEA will literally set up mock houses within their store and do the whole thing in items that IKEA sells (plumbing fixtures, cabinets, everything). It will be a crazy place when it opens in November. Andrea and I visited an IKEA store when we were in Texas and we were blown away. IKEA will do here what it has done in every market it has gone into, it will take market share away from other furniture and home furnishing stores. Orlando does not realize what it is in for (I can’t wait). A new furniture store with a fresh way of marketing their product. It kind of reminds me of C3, a fresh way to introduce Christ to those who don’t know Him. The church can definitely learn some things from the business world. It’s time to take notice and think out of the box because there are too many lives at stake to sit and do things the way they have always been done. I say it’s time to evaluate the market here in Orlando and take some market share. C3, let’s take some market share away from Satan. It’s time for God’s Kingdom to expand and to add more souls to the bottom line. I say it’s time to “IKEA” the church. God’s church should be loud, proud and unafraid to take the message of Christ to the massses in a new, unconventional way. The church is only reaching 14% of the people in Orlando. We have the potential of expanding the Kingdom of God by at least 86%. What a great opportunity to reach people. Come on C3, let’s “Connect the Community with Christ” and claim some market share for the Lord!


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