The "Way Forward"
August 23, 2007, 8:52 am
Filed under: Church

I was just thinking this morning of what might be in C3’s future. Our one goal at C3 is to reach the lost. With that being said I can see a day when we will be able to reach so many unsaved and un-churched people it will be hard to keep up with. There are hundreds of thousands of un-churched, unsaved people right here in Orlando. What a mission field. I can envision that one day C3 will be a ministry with ability not just to reach East Orlando but the entire Metro Orlando area. It will be awesome to support the community in many ways to make an impact, just like Pastor Byron was talking about on Sunday.

You might ask, what our measuring stick or our success barometer is? Well let me tell you, it is CHANGED LIVES. Lives that are given to Christ. Lives that Christ alone can change. It is already happening. The people that pray to receive Christ on a weekly basis is just incredible. It is only going to get better. It is like a snowball rolling down hill. The life change that we see now will happen more and more as we continue to Connect the Community With Christ.

It is exciting to be part of a ministry that is totally living the Great Commission. I am thankful that God has placed me in C3 Church. I am so looking forward to future. Not to cheer a success but to know that C3 will make a difference in eternity to the many lives that come to know Christ and are saved from eternal destruction. To coin a much used phrase as of late, it is the “Way Forward”, no turning back.


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