August 6, 2007, 7:41 am
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Good Monday morning. What a weekend. This weekend was filled with a lot of stuff to get accomplished. Like taking my mom to the doctor to have a procedure done (getting older is pretty scary). I took the computer in to have it repaired (again). I took Andrea’s car to get an oil change and tire rotation. I then took her car to get detailed (You would not believe all the make up on the seats and floor, but I love her anyway). Lots and lots of errands to run but I got it all done and now I get to tell you what the highlight of the weekend was. My highlight was one moment in the message that Pastor Byron preached in the first message in the Two-A-Day series. This was the moment he asked everyone that had been coming to C3 within the last 2 years to raise their hands. Literally it had to have been 80% to 85% raised their hands. What a blessing.

I know that I called six families yesterday who were first time guests (That’s in the summertime when people traditionally don’t go to church). I know that our detractors are numerous in East Orlando but God is really doing a work at C3. People are praying to receive Christ every week. So go ahead and criticize, vilify, poke fun at, accuse, lie and whatever else you have to say about C3 or it’s staff. It does not matter, God is at work and it is His church and it is getting exciting. God is blessing and drawing people to Himself. Life change it is what it is all about so I’ll proudly raise my hand and acknowledge, “I am a member of C3 Church”. Just like Nehemiah, we are doing the work on the wall and WE WON’T COME DOWN. WE WON’T COME DOWN. WE WON’T COME DOWN.


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Yeah, buddy! You said it – we can’t quit now, it’s just starting to get really good!! Yesturday was great – we have a lot to look forward to…have a great one. Peace.

Comment by Angie Bledsoe

I can so here you saying, “we won’t come down!” Maybe you should write a song about it…..I am open for solos!

Comment by If I'm not back in five minutes... wait longer!

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