Are You Self Addicted?
July 26, 2007, 1:42 pm
Filed under: Personal

Last night was our home-team meeting with the college/young adult group at C3. Andrea and I have the privilege of leading our college/young adult ministry here at C3. Last night was awesome. We had great discussion and I think that God touched our lives last night in a special way. Our discussion last night focused on getting ourselves out of the way and caring more for others.

One of the questions last night was, “are you self addicted”? Think about that. I think that to an extent we all are self addicted to one degree or the other. We care about our time, our money, our things, our family, and dare I say, “our” church. The scary thing is that none of it belongs to us. NONE of it. Our time, money, things, family, church, it all belongs to God. We do not even own ourselves. We are God’s as well. We did not make ourselves and we can not save ourselves. We are God’s creation. So then why are we so self absorbed? I think that once we get our lives in the correct perspective, God’s perspective, we live the life that God intended us to live. We are here to do God’s work and to serve Him. That means loving others. Without loving others you can not love God or accomplish all that He wants us to. In order to do that we must get our eyes off of ourselves. We need to break the addiction. The addiction to self.


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