Miscellaneous Ramblings
July 23, 2007, 8:30 am
Filed under: Church

Good Monday morning. It is the start of another week with many things to accomplish. This is also the time I look back and kind of evaluate what has taken place. Last week was busy and I don’t know how many times I said that I was tired. Coming off of a youth camp that we did in Texas and getting back into a normal flow was difficult. That is why I am so glad that God is able to move in spite of our shortcomings. This weekend at church was great even though I felt inadequate in worship. Sometimes you just have those kind of Sundays where you feel you are not hitting on all cylinders but God shows up and we have a great service. This Sunday was one of those days. It is incredible how He (God) brings everything together.

Pastor Barry did a fantastic job preaching on the Sabbath. What a great message in our rest series. Youth was great last night and Travis did a great job speaking to the youth about reaching out to their unsaved and unchurched friends.

And finally from my rambling mind this morning I am thankful that my friends and I have started blogging. I have always had an inclination to write so this is up my alley. I believe that blogging lets people see a little into ourselves. Sometimes we are angry, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes wrong, sometimes right but you know what that means? We are human. So many times I don’t think that pastors or ministers are allowed to be human. We are supposed to be supermen. I do think that God holds us to a standard of excellence but at the same time His grace covers us just like any other person. No one is perfect in this world and never will be but Jesus Christ. The leadership team here at C3 are just ordinary guys who God has called to reach the lost the best way that we can. I am thankful that God sees fit to use us even though we are only human. Human feelings and emotions and all. Blogging lets you see us as regular guys trying to do a work for the Lord. So pray for us as we lead C3. God is doing some amazing things as we continue to see an incredible movement of the Holy Spirit as the Lord is saving people every week. Life change is what it is all about as we continue to be “blogging” Christ Followers at C3.

That’s all for my miscellaneous ramblings.


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