The Main Thing
July 3, 2007, 9:03 am
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Today is a busy day. Because of the 4th of July this is the last day of the week that I am scheduled to be in the office. I have a band rehearsal tonight and it will be a full rehearsal because this Sunday will be the most unique service we’ve done in worship. I am leaving (driving) for Youth Camp (TX) right after the Sunday morning service. And to top it all off we are having family over at our house tomorrow. So it is going to be a busy day and night. But, even in the busyness of this day it is important to keep the main thing the main thing. I am excited because I have a lunch appointment with a man that I know is totally lost. He has no relationship with God. He is an older gentleman that is Jewish in his decent, grew up in New York City and is probably the one man that I would say is impossible for God to reach. Now I know that nothing is impossible for God. That is precisely why I am going to have lunch with my friend. For whatever reason God has laid him on my heart and for whatever reason this older gentleman really likes me. I think he views me as sort of a son to him. This gentleman was my boss in the late 90’s when I was an assistant production manager at a children’s book publisher. This could be the most important thing that I get to do today. I don’t know if I’ll get to share the gospel with him today but I hope I can plant some seeds. This man knows what I do for a living yet still wants to get together. I pray that God will use me in a special way in this man’s life. It is not very often that a young man gets a chance to be an influence in another person’s life that is almost double his age and not a family member. So as we all go through the busyness of the day let’s not forget to keep the main thing, the main thing. Pray that God will lay a person on your heart and look for opportunities to sow seeds. Establish relationships and show the love of God to others that don’t have a relationship to Christ. This is the main thing.


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Wow what an awesome Sunday morning:) God never seems to let me forget just how amazing He is. I was so moved thank you for doing what you do. I would love to have the names and author’s I need to get the cd’s. Have an awesome time at camp.
God Bless, Sandy

Comment by Sandy

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