Team Colors
June 28, 2007, 8:05 am
Filed under: Personal

I am amazed how we as people love to put our own take or personality on everything we touch. An example would be my friend Travis. He just started a blog and wouldn’t you know it the colors of his blog are bright orange and royal blue. For those of you who don’t know, my friend Travis is a GATOR. (The most obnoxious fans on the planet. Sorry a little commentary. Oh yea, it’s my blog so I can do that.) Like the color of our favorite sport teams or our sense of wit and dry humor or just our very personalities, everything we touch seems to be transformed into a little piece of us. As I carry this thought out I think about God. We are made in His image. That means that we all have the touch of God on us by the mere fact that He created us. I also think that once we come to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior the life change that takes place unlocks the full potential of God in our lives. A small part of His personality or image. God loves to leave His mark on people. God wants the relationship restored between Himself and humanity. That is exactly why He sent Christ to the Earth to live and die and take on our sins on Himself so that the relationship between Himself and humanity could be restored. The sad part is that most of humanity still rejects the invitation for the relationship to be restored. It must grieve the Father that His creation (humanity) that He has put His signature and touch on still does not acknowledge Him or even want to know Him as their creator. That is why God uses us to try to get through to others to tell them that they are the creation of God and that He wants to have a relationship with them through His son Jesus. We only have this life to make a difference. Once a person leaves this life the chance for reconciliation with the Father is over. That’s why we must work today, now to reach as many people as possible. We really must do whatever it takes to bring people to Christ. If that means stepping out of our comfort zone then we must, must, must do it. I truly thank God for a church that is willing to step out and do whatever it takes to reach a lost and dying world. I am thankful for the many churches that do this on a weekly basis. When we look at others we need to see the touch of God. We need to see His “team colors”. We need to see His personality written on people. We need to see the potential of changed lives for the Lord. I pray that we could be known as obnoxious fans for our Lord Jesus Christ because we only have this life to make a difference. Do others know you love God? Everyone knows that Travis and others like him are Gator fans. Can people recognize that you love God like an alumnus of UF love their Gators (Or Dallas fans love their Cowboys)? Help us God to love You and love others. What are your team colors?


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