Three Words
June 20, 2007, 8:04 pm
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Love one another? They will know you by your love for one another? Love, it is one of the foundational building blocks of Christianity. We preach love to the “world” or the “lost” and feel great about being spiritual giants while being no better than the very people we preach to. The sad thing is that a great number of Christians do not practice love to each other let alone to people that don’t have a relationship with Christ. Doesn’t that make us, should I say it, (the “H” word) hypocrites. I know this sounds very cynical but it has been hard to see how my friends, brothers and sisters, fellow leadership team members, Pastor and I have been excoriated by other Christians for doing everything we can to reach the lost. The hatred and bitterness that is directed at so many of us on a daily basis is really sad. We can talk about all of the Christian principles and knowledge that we have and feel all good about our Christianity but until we can get the basics down, like LOVE are we really Christians. Jesus told us the greatest commandment is love and I think that He must be ashamed by the way His people act, not toward the world but toward each other. I am far from perfect and readily acknowledge that I do not love like I should all of the time. I get it right sometimes and sometimes I don’t. I know that God will grant grace for the times that I don’t get it right. I just hope that people that don’t know the Lord do not catch me in that moment when I am not practicing love like I should and then be turned off by Christianity. I pray that lost people are not listening to or watching the way Christians are treating other Christians right now and are being turned off by Christianity. For all the people that have left C3 with hatred and bitterness and agendas to tear down other Christians and the work at C3 I just have one word for you. LOVE. They will know us by our love for one another. No matter what some of my fellow Christians might say about me and the church I am a part it doesn’t matter. I have three more words for you, I LOVE YOU!


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Hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it! We all know you’re a love addict.

Fight for love,

Comment by Anonymous

Oh yeah…Love is the movement. Never forget – LOVE WINS!!! Peace.

Comment by Angie Bledsoe

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