Why God made me unique (Andrea)
June 15, 2007, 11:35 pm
Filed under: Andrea

The unedited version 🙂
-I am a world class rapper… “internationally known throughout the microphone.”
-My favorite color is red.
-I used to fight boys in elementary school. I may have even thrown rocks at one.
-I have an obsession with cleaning my house.
-I know I wear way to much makeup and yet I still love to put more on.
-My creative nature will not allow me to keep a hair color or cut for more than 3 months… and the change MUST be drastic!
-I still love the New Kids on the Block.
-I can name any car on the road from a distance. (That impressed Darrell early on.)
-I call my husband really ridiculous mushy names… I am prohibited from publishing any of them.
-I love, love, love to meet new people.
-I love, love, love creative, interesting, and eccentric people!
-When I was little there was nothing I wanted more than to be a Barker’s Beauty.
-I still have a crazy love for The Price is Right. (I’ll miss you Bob.)
-I love Gwen Stefani and wanna dress as cool as her.
-I wish I could sing like my sister Brittney and be as smart as my sister Cassie but I’m good with
singing decent and having dumb moments.
-I love the most outlandish, ridiculous shoes a woman could ever find. Has anyone seen my rainbow striped gold lame platforms lately or my zipper bright red stilettos? Oh… and I just got a pair of heels made completely out of cork! (This actually doesn’t make me all that unique because Angie feels me on this one.)
-I am very particular about my condiments with my food.
-I should be on “So You Think You Can Dance” for my uncanny ability to replicate the moves of any 90’s sequined rapper or throw me some glow sticks and I dance mean to some techno.
-I thrive off change. I can’t stand being stagnent.
-I tried to kickbox once but all the jumping had me in the bathroom every two minutes.
-I just learned to cut my own food recently.
-I’ve felt called to adopt a child ever since I first learned what it meant when I was little. (Darrell wants to as well!)
-I love my life and have learned to get the most out of it even in the rough times. Strangely… I look forward to the lessons I will learn from all moments in life.
-I used to skip school and hang out at the beach where I grew up. I know that’s not that unique but I just had to get that off my chest.
-While I’m confessing… it was me who filled the fountain in the middle of downtown Stuart with soap and had blocks filled with suds. I feel so much better.
-I like pickle juice.
-I’m unique because I come from a family line which includes my silly grandmother whom I have fun, fond memories of when she was 100% healthy. I have fun memories of her now as well of course.
-I’m the only one that gets to cuddle with my D-Lo.
-I love to act crazy with the kids in Powerhouse and teach them about the Lord through song and dance.

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