Curiosity Can Be Bad
June 13, 2007, 9:20 am
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Why is it that curiosity almost always overrules common sense? A few days ago I opened an email that I look back and should have never opened or paid any attention to. Because of this email my week so far has been kinda of lousy. It was another email from a person who did not want to use their real name and had nothing but critical, mean and ugly things to say about my church, my pastor and me. This person said that the my ministry and the ministry that I am a part of was ineffective and that it was evil. I know I should not have responded but I did. I rebuffed the lies and insinuations by speaking truth. I should have known that it would not make a difference to this person but I responded anyhow. This person responded back and it was worse than the first email. What is sad is that they even said that one lost person being saved is not as important as keeping “their” church the way that “they” wanted it. If this person is a Christian then seeing someone give their lives to Christ should be the most important thing. I had told this person in my first response to the email that I would be blocking further emails and there would no longer be any responses from me because it is a waste of my time and energy and that reaching people is far more important than responding to someone that has no love in their heart or wants to hear the truth in any form. So why is this still bothering me? Maybe it is that I am an emotional type of person and for me words mean things. I also know that I have no hate or bitterness toward anyone in my life and because of that I don’t understand people that do. It really makes me sad that this person has such bitterness and hatred in their life. And I probably know this person which makes it even worse. I might have even called this person a friend. I am sharing all of this not to make anyone feel sorry for me. I am sharing this because I have a burden for those few people out there who are holding on to bitterness and hatred. I pray that God will help them to let it go so they can go on and work for Christ. We want to go on and work for Christ without the distractions of people like this and their hatred and bitterness. I also pray that God will let me use my common sense not to open up an email that I think might be like the one I opened up on Monday. God help me to control my curiosity.


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I have been coming to C3 for about 4 months now. I hear what is being said and I feel the pain that the worship staff is going through as they transition C3 into a new and LOVING church.

God will work it all out! He is the ultimate reason you stand on stage each week and lead us in heart and soul touching songs. He is the reason Pastor Byron stands before us teaching us the word!

I believe in all of the staff. I can’t wait to see where God leads this church and the people in it as we go forward with the new move. We will all have something to answer for when we get to heaven, let yours not be that you didn’t try to lead people to Christ – that is a philosophy that everyone who believes in God should have.

Keep the faith!

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