June 11, 2007, 9:04 am
Filed under: Friends

A lot has been said about friends past and present. This probably isn’t my first nor will it be my last blog to talk about friends. To have true friends that are loyal, loving, forgiving and unselfish is truly a blessed thing. Over the past sixteen years I have made many friends that were associated with my attendance at church. Many have come and gone over the years. Those that have moved on over the years, whether to another city or another church I still consider friends, but different from the ones that are truly invested in my life. Many of the friends that have moved on with their lives and their relationships are still my friends in one sense of the word but are just not close to my heart. Are they still my friends? Yes. Would I love to speak to them and catch up? Of course. Do they know what is happening in my life, my heartaches, struggles and triumphs? No. Is that bad? No. Is it right to only let a few people into your inner circle to share life with? Yes. Just look at Christ, He had the twelve disciples and then an inner circle of about three from the twelve. As a human being I believe that we only have the capabilities of limited access of a few people into our personal lives. I believe that this limited access is dictated by our ability to invest in others on a personal level. There is only so much of yourself that you can pour into others and the more people you have to pour into, the less that each of the people you are investing have of you.

Some might think this is selfish but it’s true. Just think of how many close intimate friends you have. I thank God for my close, friends. My beautiful wife, Andrea who is my best friend. My mom and the rest of my family who I am blessed not only to call family but to call friends. I am thankful for Byron & Angie Bledsoe, Barry & Amanda Leathers, Travis & Sandy Conrad. We have been through some tough stuff but we have walked through it together and the tough times really magnify who are your close friends. The magnification is so intense at times I feel like an ant under some little kid’s magnifying glass but my close friends have not cut and run but have stood with me and we have endured the pain together. Blaine & Stacy Back, Dan Gentry, Jason Cannon and Sally Story are also close to my heart and have walked with me through tough times and have stood strong. I am truly blessed by God to have such great friends. For those that I have called friends and have left and moved on to another chapter in life, you all are still my friends. I know that God placed you in my life for a season and the seasons have changed. That is nothing to be sad about because we are always brothers and sisters in Christ and will always be friends. The seasons bring about change and with it renewal and new life, just think, spring is right around the corner.

So friends? I am thankful for the close friends that God has given that invest in me and I in them. My extended friends that I perhaps get to communicate with on an occasional basis I am thankful for as well. I pray that everyone is fortunate enough to find a few close friends that can stand with you through the tough and trying times and still be standing on the other side. I believe those kind of friends are truly a manifestation of God’s hand in one’s life. Thank you Lord for friends!


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