A Great Day of Worship
June 2, 2007, 11:13 pm
Filed under: Church

It is Sunday morning at 12:13 am. Why am I up and not in bed asleep like most people? Well tomorrow or I should say, today is Sunday. Sunday is the most important day of the week to me. Usually I try to go to bed early on Saturday so that I am rested and ready to go on Sunday. Sometimes that works and sometimes, like tonight, the mind is running full speed even though the body is tired. Welcome to the life of a Worship Pastor. I love doing what God has called me to do. I believe what I do comes with a great responsibility. Modeling worship to a group of people that walk into a worship center on Sundays is an unbelievable privilege and honor. I always want my worship to be authentic and real so that other people can follow my example on Sundays. In order to be real and authentic I can not wait until Sunday to start thinking about or participating in worship. Worship must consume my life everyday, not only on Sundays.

The Bible tells us that we are to give our lives to God as a living sacrifice and in so doing it becomes our spiritual worship. Our whole life should be our worship to God. The way that we live everyday. When we wake up, talk, eat, sleep, drive, think, you get the picture, it is all worship. I believe that we all (myself included) can go about our daily lives and think that worship takes place for one hour out of our lives a week on Sundays. We all can fall into that trap and then wonder why we did not get “more out of the music” or that “the message was a little flat today” and blame on the worship leader or the pastor when that was not the case at all. The fault lies with us individually in that we did not live the week as a life of worship.

Why are Sundays so important? It starts with me. If I am to be authentic in worship then Sundays must be an outgrowth of my entire week. Has my life been worship this week? Yes I want to do my best and be my best on Sundays so that people can get a glimpse of what it means to come to church and celebrate the God of the universe who changes lives. Sometimes that means thinking on God and His goodness and preparing my heart for what will happen on Sunday morning even on Saturday night at times. It is so meaningful to come together on Sundays and share in the celebration of our Lord. A continuation of a celebration that has been going on in the heart all week. So I say, “Lord, make every part of my life an act of worship to You. Lord make my life a life of worship. And let our worship be an awesome celebration of You tomorrow. Make our Sunday a great day of worship to You!”


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