May 29, 2007, 7:49 am
Filed under: Family, Personal

Today is Tuesday after a long Memorial Day weekend. Where can I begin? “Memorial Day” weekend, a time to celebrate the ultimate sacrifice that so many have made for their country. I like many yesterday went to the cemetery to visit a loved one who has passed on but served their country. My Dad is one such person. My Dad served in WWII in both the Army & the Navy. My Dad made it through WWII only to succumb to Alzheimer’s Disease in 2000. His contribution to the freedom which I enjoy now will never be forgotten. When I saw the American flags on all of the graves of people that served in the military at the cemetery on Monday it touched me deeply. My Dad never talked about the war very much but I have seen a few remembrances of his time in the service. I can also remember his story about being on the USS Atlanta (Destroyer) in the Pacific as it was sunk and surviving to tell of the horror that he went through.

I also heard on the news yesterday that there are only three remaining US service men that served in WWI. In fact one is in Florida and I think they said he was 107 years old. I pray that we never take for granted, no matter what war or conflict our military personnel have been in, their sacrifice and their dedication to this great country that we live in. We truly have much to be thankful for and their sacrifices should rank right at the top of the list. Did I enjoy the weekend and the extra day off? Yes I did but this weekend means more to me than just a day off. It is a time to say thanks Dad and thanks to all of those who have served so that I can enjoy being a US citizen. THANKS!


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