American Idol vs. Lost
May 24, 2007, 12:17 pm
Filed under: Pop Culture

OK I am officially shamed. I claim to be a Lost fan but I miss 2/3 of the season and therefore can’t watch the season finale and blog about it like my good friend Barry Leathers. Instead I am left to blog about American Idol. Which show should I have watched? Lost, no question about it. So to all of you Lost fans I promise I will do better and watch the episodes I missed and will be ready for next season.

Now back to AI. We all know that Jordin had the most talent between her and Blake. I am disappointed that Melinda did not make it into the finals but my friend Barry Oser made a valid point last night. This is “American Idol” it is about having the total package. Although Simon says that it is a singing competition and Melinda had the best vocal talent it is a total package kind of deal. Yes Melinda had the talent and stage presence but she did not have the “look”. Jordin and Blake had the “look” and enough talent to make it all the way. Although I might concede that point to Barry O. , I raised another point that he did not fully agree on but I believe is the heart of the matter. AI is a popularity contest. Whoever America likes the best and votes for is the winner. No denying it, popularity contest. So congrats to Jordin, the winner. Blake and Melinda will do just fine without the contractual shackles of AI. And I will stick by what I said last week. AI is what it is. Reality TV, entertainment for the masses. It’s been a fun season and we will say so long until January!


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