American Idol
May 17, 2007, 9:06 am
Filed under: Pop Culture

Ok, since I am a music guy I feel I must comment on what happened on American Idol last night. If you don’t watch the reality talent show contest then just skip this blog. It is obvious and has always been obvious that A.I. is not a singing contest it is a popularity contest. The evidence even from this season (i.e. Sanjaya) is overwhelming. As long as more people like you enough to call in and vote for you more than the other contestants then you will make it all the way regardless of your singing abilities. Melinda Doolittle was obviously the most talented and consistent contestant on A.I. this season. I’m disappointed that she did not make the final but that’s not such a bad thing either. Just look at Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson. The other two contestants that made it to the final are good performers. Blake I think personally is the weaker of the two but neither Blake or Jordin has the quality of singing voice like Melinda. Melinda will have an awesome career in front of her. All that to say this. It’s reality TV. It’s entertainment. The unexpected is what is expected. So American Idol is what it is.


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